Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking Weed

Cannabis has many benefits associated with it and it can truly help many people with diseases or manage pain. However, most people don’t favour smoking cannabis to get their fix. Well, there are many alternative ways to reap the benefits of smoking weed without actually having to smoke it.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time


This is one of the most popular ways to get the effects of marijuana responsibly . You can combine the cannabis with your cooking skills and create your own delicious snacks to consume the herb. A very famous way of absorbing the THC and CBD is by eating pot brownies or gummies. You can go as creative or as simple as your cooking skills allow when it comes to edibles. You will generally need a gram of ground-up cannabis per serving but it is best if you follow an exact recipe to make sure the measurements are precise. Edibles allow for a lot of creativity and variety when it comes to getting your fix and gives you a slower but fuller body high.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Creams and balms

If you are not a fan of smoking weed yet you still want the pain-relieving properties, then external use creams and balms are the best options. They are for topical use only, and they penetrate the skin which can be extremely beneficial for inflamed joints or other external pains.  When purchasing a balm with cannabis you should look for the THC-activated kind and focus on the words “full-spectrum” to get the most effectiveness. Some lotions and salves might also contain other herbs along with cannabis which can further increase the effects of the cannabidiol.

Concentrated extracts

You can also get a concentrate of THC and CBD from a local supplier. This is a relatively pure and clean way to get the advantages associated with smoking or vaping weed. You get many variations with the tinctures themselves as they are available in varying strengths. You can ask your supplier about the recommended dosage and it is made easy to measure with the dropper on the tincture itself. Remember to always start small as the high kicks in pretty quickly. You can then adjust the amount you want to use according to your preference. These concentrates come in a small easy to carry bottle thus can be much more discreet than a joint or a vape.

Cannabis patches

The transdermal cannabis patches are a great option if you are looking for a slow stream of THC or CBD directly in your bloodstream. It allows you to get all the regular effects of smoking weed but a little subdued. That is why they are perfect for people who are new to smoking cannabis or aren’t looking for a major high. The patches can be placed anywhere on the body so they are extremely easy to cover up therefore allowing you to go about your day without having to think twice about getting high.

Weed suppositories

Weed suppositories are definitely not meant for everyone however they can be helpful for many, especially those who suffer from illnesses. Suppositories are a solid cone-like structure that contains weed oil. It is inserted either rectally or vaginally. These allow you to get a much more concentrated dosage of cannabis as it bypasses the liver and goes straight to the problem area. For the vagina, it can also ease the pain in many vaginal diseases. The tube is smaller than a pinky and it’s nearly not as uncomfortable as one might imagine.

In conclusion, weed can bring about many benefits for people and smoking up marijuana isn’t the only way to get these benefits. These alternatives are an easy way to get the specific benefits associated with weed that can make your life easier and better.

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