How To Smoke Marijuana Responsibly

Even with the popularity of marijuana and cannabis, there are still many people that have negative feelings associated with weed smokers. They are generally perceived to be dumb, irresponsible humans of society and thus not able to function properly. However, as most people who consume weed already know, this is far from the truth. Pot smokers are highly-functioning members of society with various professional goals and lifestyles. While it is alright to occasionally indulge and escape from the stresses of life, smoking weed like everything else in life should be done in moderation to not let it take over any other interests in life. Some factors that any weed smoker must keep in mind are as follows

Do Not Abuse Weed

Like any other substance, the best way to keep control of yourself is to not abuse weed.  Do not use marijuana to the point that it impairs health, personal development or risks any of your achievements.

As a weed smoker, you should completely dismiss concepts like “wake and bake” which only perpetuates the idea that pot smokers only have one goal in mind as soon as they wake up which is to get high. While it is completely alright to have a little marijuana in the morning it is not the only thing a smoker thinks about.

Be sensitive towards your surroundings

When smoking weed you should always be aware of your surroundings. There is a certain time and place for everything and that should be kept in mind. You should not be afraid to say “no” if the condition of the smoking session isn’t positive, safe or productive.

A weed smoker should also always be respectful towards the people around them and their rights. Always maintain a courteous environment and respect the wishes of anyone who chooses to avoid marijuana entirely. Responsible smokers should adhere to any smoking laws and protocols either in private or public spaces at all times. No one should feel as if your preferences are being forced upon them in any way.

Do not smoke and drive

Getting behind the wheel under the influence should be avoided at all costs. Any person who has smoked weed should not be driving or operating any heavy machinery. Since marijuana causes short-term memory loss it is best that you avoid any activity that could put you or another person in harm’s way.

Marijuana does cause an impairment and public safety laws indicate that any person who is impaired should be kept off the roads. The laws not only check for THC impairment but also marijuana impairment itself.

Use edibles and concentrates with caution

Many people use edibles to consume cannabis without smoking weed. Consuming edibles or concentrates instead of smoking weed, adjust your dosage accordingly. Usually, the recommended dosage of THC for an experienced user is 10mg and 5 mg for a novice user. However with edibles, it can take up to 90 minutes for the THC to take effect, so it can be difficult to monitor the dosage. Remember to take less than you think you can handle to avoid an unpleasant high.

Similarly, with concentrates, the strength of the tincture can often surprise even an experienced user and with its quick effects, the user can experience a bad high pretty quickly. While there is no risk involved in an overdose of marijuana, it can build up the negative reviews that already surround marijuana users. So it is best to control the usage to what you are sure you can handle with ease.

Overall moderation

The best way to enjoy the effects of weed is by moderation. The main objective of smoking marijuana is not to get as high as you possibly can. Instead, it is to reach a nice, comfortable high that further enriches your life by allowing you to become more creative, have social interactions and other such activities that enhance your lifestyle.

To summarize, there are a lot of negative connotations that surround people who are weed smokers. While engaging in marijuana use is not harmful to anyone, there are certain factors that each person should consider to make their experience beneficial and provide comfort to people surrounding them.

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