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THC and CBD are 2 of the main constituents of the cannabis plant. A cannabis plant has more than 500 of these chemical compounds but the THC and CBD are the main ones to give you the feeling of a high. What’s even more important than the compounds themselves is how they react with each other and with the human body. That greatly determines the type, duration, and intensity of the high we feel. Different combinations of these chemical compounds have a variety of unique properties and thus results in varying effects. As a user what do the THC and CBD quantities mean and how should you determine which ratio is best for you? let our Dacanna, Hamilton Weed Dispensary explain!

How do THC and CBD work?

You might be wondering what even is THC and CBD and how do both of them work? THC is the most common and popular cannabinoid in Cannabis. It is known for its psychoactive properties and thus it is responsible for giving us that elated, euphoric “high” sensation. It is more widely known than CBD and every novice or experienced Cannabis user knows the properties of it.

CBD on the other hand has gained traction more recently. Not everyone may be familiar with it however Cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis curious people have come to experiment with CBD ratios. CBD does not give a psychoactive sensation instead it affects the mood and emotions. It is responsible for the non-intoxicating sensations during the high. Although both the cannabinoids interact with the cells in the brain and body to produce active effects, the effect produced by both of them is completely different.

Proportions of THC and CBD

The proportions of CBD and THC in a Cannabis product are extremely important and as a consumer, the proportions should be the main priority. It is believed that the greater the quantity of THC is in comparison to CBD, the greater the psychoactive high you will feel.  For e.g a product containing 20% THC and 10% CBD is bound to create a more potent high sensation than a product that has more equal proportions such as 15% THC and 15% CBD.

This is mainly because THC and CBD are said to work in tandem to produce specific effects. THC on its own is more potent and produces an extreme high. As CBD is added it subdues the high sensation to make it less dominating and more subtle. Research also suggests that CBD is responsible for blocking some of the active effects produced by THC. This blocking effect is more prominent when both the cannabinoids are present in equal amounts. Thus, with the information we have, we can determine a general guide about the quantities and ratios of THC and CBD and what effects each ratio produces.

Ratios of THC and CBD

Now that you know what effect each cannabis is responsible for, you can then make a decision on the cannabis product based on how you want to feel. Let our Dacanna, Hamilton Weed Dispensary  explain some of the ratios of THC and CBD include:


If you want the pure psychoactive properties of THC without any CBD then this ratio is perfect for you. It has 0% CBD and thus, it is isolated THC. With this ratio, you are bound to feel the full euphoric effects of THC however if you are more sensitive to THC you can feel some adverse effects as well since there is no CBD present to subdue the high. This ratio is available in both the Indica and Sativa variety of the Cannabis plant and each one might produce a slightly different high.


This ratio means that there is twice as much THC as CBD present in the product. The THC levels are moderate to high while CBD is low. This type of ratio is perfect for those who still want the maximum psychoactive properties of THC but want to stabilize it with some CBD present.


This ratio contains an equal amount of CBD and THC.

This type of product is usually recommended to new users to start with as it isn’t too strong like the other ratios. Since it is in equal quantities it counteracts some of the THC, producing a more subtle high. This ratio produces mild psychoactive effects and the consumer can function normally throughout the day.


These products contain a very small quantity of THC and a high quantity of CBD. Since it has very little to no THC, these products do not produce any psychoactivity. However, they do help improve the overall mood and can be used for anxiety relief. Since they do not have any psychoactive properties they can be used throughout the day without affecting functionality.

Other greater ratios

There are also other ratios present with much higher quantities of THC as compared to CBD. These are mostly used for pain relief and medicinal purposes.  Some of the health challenges they help in include pain, insomnia, nausea, and migraines.

Personal preferences

Another factor that greatly influences our high is our own body. Thus personal preferences play a huge role in deciding which ratio is perfect for you. Your cannabis experience is unique to you and therefore you might want to experiment with different ratios to find one that fits your needs. For some, the lower THC content fits the bill while others look for the highest THC content available. In the end, how your body reacts to THC and CBD may be completely different from the person sitting next to you. Therefore it is advised that you always go low and slow when trying out new cannabis products to ensure that you don’t have any adverse effects.

To summarize, THC and CBD are both chemical constituents of a Cannabis plant. Even though they are present in the same plant each one has a different effect on our body. While THC is more potent and produces a psychoactive high, CBD affects the mood and emotions, generally counteracting a stronger high. Thus the correct ratio of THC and CBD is important to get a balanced high. The ratio will depend on each induvial and their needs and might be different for each person depending on their preferences.

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