Here’s a rundown by Hamilton Dispensary on cannabis oil: what it is, the claimed advantages, and what you should think about while taking it.


  • Cannabis oil is a cannabis extract combined with a non-toxic oil.
  • It may be used as a substitute for smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis flower.
  • The advantages of cannabis oil include convenience and ease of use, but one of the drawbacks is uncertainty about how much to take.

Cannabis oil is a cannabis extract, which is made from the dried flower and combined with a bland oil such as MCT or sunflower oil. Hamilton Weed Delivery state that it’s available in a bottle with a spray top or a dropper and taken orally. It can be used instead of smoking or vaporizing dried marijuana.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

The Pros and Cons of Oil

Hamilton weed dispensary speculate that there are both advantages and disadvantages to the use of cannabis oil. One advantage is that it is convenient since the bottle can be carried around and the oil has a very low odor or taste. It’s a smoke-free alternative to dried cannabis, and because it’s concentrated, just a tiny amount is required.

Hamilton marijuana dispensary state that another disadvantage of cannabis oil is that the reported effects are not as immediate as those experienced with inhalation (your body processes ingested cannabis in a distinct manner).

How Much Should I Take?

If you’re using cannabis oil for the first time or trying a new brand, Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton recommends starting with a small dose and gradually increasing it as needed. The oil’s label includes information on how much CBD and THC are in each drop.

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