There are several cannabis-infused beverages on the market, and there is a lot to understand about them, including dosing criteria and equivalent purchasing. Here’s an overview by Hamilton Dispensary about what they are, how they function, some of the benefits and drawbacks of ingesting them, as well as what to think about while shopping.


  • Edibles, such as cookies and beverages, are cannabis products that are eaten. They have a longer duration of action than other types of cannabis because they are absorbed through the digestive system rather than the lungs.
  • Only 30 g of dried cannabis flower or its equivalent may be bought at one time. Before purchase, DaCanna calculates the equivalent amount for cannabis beverages.
  • It’s important not to consume cannabis and alcohol at the same time. This can result in more serious impairment and side effects.

Edibles are a type of cannabis product that is designed to be eaten. Edibles come in two forms: solids (such as chocolates, baked goods, and confectionaries) and beverages. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis drinks, including what they are, how they operate, some of the benefits and drawbacks of consuming them, and how to make an informed decision while shopping.

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What are cannabis beverages?

Hamilton Weed Delivery state that Cannabis-infused beverages, such as sparkling or flat water, pre-mixed teas and tea bags, all of which include THC or CBD, or a combination of both.

Cannabis beverages are created by combining a liquid, such as sparkling or flat water, with cannabis extract or concentrate. However, because cannabis extract is an oil that isn’t water soluble, it must be combined with an emulsifier to produce a smooth finished product. (Home users steep loose teas and tea bags in water; however, these are still considered cannabis beverages because the finished product includes a cannabis component).

What are the pros and cons of consuming cannabis beverages?

Cannabis-infused beverages provide a smoke-free alternative to consuming dried cannabis flower, which has the potential to be detrimental to one’s lungs.

Cannabis beverages, on the other hand, contain cannabinoids (such as THC and other active components) that are absorbed via the digestive system, giving effects that can last from 30 minutes to 4 hours or more than those produced by smoking. Cannabis beverages’ effects can endure for 12 hours or longer.

To lower the danger of overconsumption, Hamilton weed dispensary advises starting with a tiny dose (2.5 mg of THC or less) and waiting to see how it affects your body before adding more.

What should I consider when shopping for cannabis beverages?

Cannabis drinks, like other edibles, may contain no more than 10 mg of THC per serving. Check the label or product page on DaCanna to find out how much THC and CBD are present in the edible product you’re buying.

When you buy your weed from DaCanna or an authorized retailer, you can only purchase 30 g of dry cannabis flower at a time (this is the maximum amount you may lawfully transport with you). This is simple to figure out when buying dried flower products, but it’s more difficult for other types of cannabis.

Any tips I should know?

Hamilton marijuana dispensary recommend that before you take cannabis, check the label to see how much THC and CBD it contains. If you’re a first-time user of edibles, pick a product with a low amount of THC or a lot of CBD to counteract the harmful effects of THC.

Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton recommend to Avoid combining cannabis and alcohol at the same time. Combining cannabis with alcohol might raise your risk of experiencing psychotic symptoms, as well as causing dizziness, nausea, and decreased attention and reaction times. In addition, combining cannabis with alcohol may increase the likelihood that vulnerable persons will have psychotic symptoms.

Children are naturally drawn to foods that look or smell like candy, so it’s critical to keep cannabis products away from them. Especially edibles that resemble other popular snacks can be appealing to youngsters, and they should be kept in a safe location, such as a lockable container.

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