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You watched your project go from a bucket of dirt to a lush green forest, and maybe some additional hues. You provided food and care for weeks, if not months, before finally cutting them down and giving them a haircut. But you’re still left with a pile of leaves and stems, as well as other uninteresting useless plant material! It’s a good problem to have, but it still makes your place look bad.

Luckily, Hamilton Dispensary state that there is a way to quickly get rid of the plant material, and make nice clean cuts without spending too much time or effort on them!


The leaves are still coated in trichomes! You most likely noticed as you were cleaning that a large ball of “finger hash” was required to be scooped up and removed from the scissors’ hinge. Hamilton Weed Delivery¬†advise you to consider it this way: if that much accumulates just by cutting them off, consider how much more is there in the leaves, just waiting to be found!

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time


To be scraped together and dried off for later use, Hamilton marijuana dispensary believe that you may freeze and wash away all of your cannabinoid and terpene containing oils using a product like bubble bags.


Even so, if you have approximately pounds of marijuana, you should be able to create a fair amount of edibles from what may be decarbed off the leaves.


Hamilton weed dispensary state that you can reminisce about your project by pressing the leaves in a book to dry them out and creating art or jewelry or scattering them across a table and covering them with a layer of resin or epoxy to make a one of a kind personalized session.


Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton recommend to Sprinkle salt on your root crops while harvesting them to preserve their nutrients, then put them inside your vegetable garden where they may absorb remaining nutrients! Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Cannabis is one of the most adaptable products in existence. Every component of it may be utilized, recycled, and repurposed; the only restriction is your own ingenuity!

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