Cannabis may be grown, processed, presented, and consumed in a variety of ways. From the most conventional smoking devices such as pipes or papers to modern technological wonders like dry flower vaporizers, to the (daunting to a newbie) ceremony of a dab rig setup.

With so many different strategies to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for you? Here’s a summary of each technique by Hamilton Dispensary, so you can make your own decision.


Hamilton Weed Delivery speculate that The most basic and obvious is smoking cannabis from a pipe, but you can only go as far as your imagination permits. You may use glass, wood, or anodized aluminum to make your pipes; you can also carve an apple into a bowl (with food for after).

Joints are simple to prepare and quick to smoke, so if you buy pre-rolled joints, you’ll be ready to go. Although smoking might leave a distinctive odor, it may not be the ideal option for individuals who wish to stay hidden.


Hamilton weed dispensary state that you may use a vaporizer if you just want the effects of smoking without inhaling as much ash and plant matter. They are merely heaters that reach up to the Plant’s resinous oils at around the same point as a conventional dry herb vape.

They can remove all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from your weed while avoiding burning up any of the needless carbon in the plant material, essentially cooking it until the good stuff without incinerating the bud. They do have a little upfront cost, but most are powered by batteries or a torch lighter, and they offer great taste and efficacy.

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If you have a lot of dry flower from your croptober haul, Hamilton marijuana dispensary believe that it’s possible to decarb it and use it in cooking instead. You may also make a smaller-scale version like firecrackers!

Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton recommend you to Remember that cannabis must decarb (get hot enough) in order to activate the THC – adding raw flower to your dish will not do the trick.


Smoking extracts, like other types of cannabis extracts, necessitate the use of specific equipment such as a dab rig, nectar collector, cartridge, or vaporizer designed specifically for concentrates.


Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, creams, and oils that can be applied to the hair, skin, and nails as a new addition to the legal recreational market. They penetrate your dermal layer to engage with your cb2 receptors. You may even customize it!

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