How much cannabis can you legally possess

If you are a customer who is looking to purchase or use the Cannabis flower in any Hamilton Weed Dispensary or products, there are certain government guidelines and restrictions that you need to follow. There are restrictions set on how much Cannabis you can legally possess at one time, and before you go out and make a purchase, you must be aware of these limits and read the cannabis label carefully.

What is the minimum age for possession?

Under the federal Cannabis Act, individuals who are of 18 years or older can possess cannabis following certain limitations. Although the minimum age for the general public is 18, each province and territory can have their own laws about it. Most provinces like Ontario have raised this minimum age to 19, and some, such as Quebec even have the minimum age at 21.


No person is allowed to sell or give Cannabis to a person under the age of 18 or the minimum age requirement. Any person using youth for a cannabis-related offence or selling or giving a youth Cannabis can get a penalty of 14 years in jail maximum.

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How much Cannabis can you possess?

Any person who is of legal age can have up to 30 grams of dried Cannabis under the law. However, a problem arises with the various other forms of cannabis available. Since there is so much variety of cannabis products, the government has devised equivalent amounts so the consumer can develop a conversion method and have an idea of a general limit.


The limit of 30 grams of dried Cannabis, under the federal law is equivalent to:


  1. 150g of fresh cannabis
  2. 450g of edible Cannabis products
  3. 2100g or 2.1 litres of liquid Cannabis products.
  4. 7.5g of concentrates 
  5. 30 Cannabis seeds
  6. If you wish to grow Cannabis for personal use, you are allowed to have 4 plants per residence. The seeds or seedlings should be purchased from a licensed store.


Under the same act, 1gram of the dried Cannabis is set equal to:


  1. 5g of fresh cannabis
  2. 15g of edible Cannabis product
  3. 70g or 70ml of liquid Cannabis product
  4. 25g of concentrates. These can be liquid or solid.
  5. 1 Cannabis seed.

Regulation of cannabis

The Cannabis regulation falls under federal, provincial and territorial jurisdiction. 

The federal government is responsible for regulating producers and growers that manufacture Cannabis and all related products to make sure it is safe and of good quality.

They are also responsible for the industry rules and standards set regarding the types of products sold, packaging and labelling requirements, standard sizes, potency, tracking etc.

The provinces are responsible for the distribution and sale of cannabis. They can add further safety measures such as:

  • Increasing the minimum age limit
  • Lowering the personal possession limit in their jurisdiction
  • Create additional rules for growing Cannabis. E.g. limiting the number of plants per residence.
  • Restricting where people can consume Cannabis e.g. public spaces.

Possession of cannabis greater than the limit is considered a criminal offence and has a penalty of up to 5 years in jail. Production and cultivation of cannabis beyond the set personal limits can also result in jail time of up to 14 years. For this reason, each individual has to make sure that they are obeying all laws and regulations set about the possession of cannabis.

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