Today, Hamilton Dispensary is highlighting all sorts of lovely things since cannabis is a beautiful thing, and because we all deserve to look at something nice while getting high.

Grav 4″ Spoon Pipe

The GRAV Spoon is a sizable spoon with a form that’s popular for its simplicity and capacity, made of scientific glass that feels and looks fantastic. Hamilton weed dispensary state that this pipe features thoughtful features like an ash catching inverted mouthpiece, and it comes in a variety of lovely colors including pink and lavender!. This is a sophisticated version of the classic spoon pipe.

Big Leaf Pull-Out

Next on list by Hamilton marijuana dispensary is the Small but Mighty Cute 14mm Big Leaf Pull-Out is a tiny yet powerful beauty! The number 1 supplier of handcrafted glass pipes in Canada, Red Eye Glass, created the Borosilicate glass.

Naturally beautiful and alluring, as well as tasteless, odorless, and free of any additional contaminants, the translucent glass is easy to clean and won’t retain any odor or stain. The glass is strong, durable, and will last for years when properly handled.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Malua Concrete Jar with Walnut Lid

This BRNT jar is incredibly fashionable, and it’s even more gorgeous than it sounds. The Malua is a contemporary method to store your cannabis in a beautiful yet inconspicuous concrete container.

Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton state that You may keep your strains separate with the split-storage mechanism. One side is for morning or afternoon cultivars, while the other is for evening cultivars.

Acrylic Box with Matching Taster Bat

The Acrylic Box with Matching One Hitter offers a lid and poker design that helps prevent spillage and unwanted scents from escaping, as well as a green and black combination that we’re drooling over! The Acrylic Box with Matching One Hitter has a lid and poker design that prevents spills and stops smell escaping.

Holidaze Greeting Cards

With a Holidaze card, you can complete your unique cannabis present! There are eight designs to select from, each with a blank interior so you may leave your own message for a friend or loved one. Hamilton Weed Delivery recommend that if you’re having difficulties selecting, go ahead and purchase them all! Each card comes with an envelope for easy mailing of your warm wishes to all your favorite cannabis users.

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