Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

If you are a first-time Cannabis user, shopping Our Dacanna, Hamilton Weed Dispensary  can be a relatively stressful experience. There are many different types of products, with varying ratios, potencies, THC content, etc. Thus, for a first-time or a new consumer, it can be a daunting task to select the right kind of cannabis product for yourself. It is best to have a guide that familiarizes you with the basics of how to shop at a cannabis dispensary. So let’s get started with a basic shopping guide so you can make your first shopping experience worthwhile.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Get your keywords down

Whichever dispensary you may go to, there are certain keywords that the staff might use. It is best to research what these keywords mean before you go to the dispensary. Doing so can better help you navigate, and find what you are looking for. Some of the most common keywords include:

  • THC and CBD

CBD and THC are 2 of the main compounds present in Cannabis. Their potency levels in the cannabis product will determine the type of “high” you get. It is ideal to know the ratio of CBD and THC that you want in your product.

  • Different varieties

It is also best if you do some research into the types of varieties of Cannabis. There are many new strains and each one provides a relatively unique experience. Therefore, knowing the type of variety you want can save you a lot of confusion. Some of the more common varieties of cannabis include OG Kush, great white shark, purple haze, etc.

  • Indica and Sativa

Indica and Sativa are the 2 major types of cannabis. Most of the products are a hybrid of both and they contain properties from both the plants.

Be honest and straightforward with your history

The main job of the dispensary worker is to help you the best they can. Hence it is crucial that you are honest and real with them about your experience with cannabis. If they have details about your experiences, they will be able to help you out better and give recommendations. Some of the type of information you should give to the worker includes

  • What is your preference?

You should explain to the worker what types of cannabis have worked well for you in the past. You should explain the type, varieties, accessories, etc that were the best for you. This way they know exactly what your preference is and it allows them to give a targeted recommendation.

  • Bad experiences

You should also make the dispensary worker aware of any bad experiences with Cannabis. Let them know of any negative effects you felt and which form, variety, accessory, etc made you feel that way. This gives them a clear idea of what type of cannabis you should stay away from.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Be prepared before you arrive

It is always best to be prepared before you go to a cannabis dispensary, especially if it is your first time. There is no point in rushing, as that will only ruin your shopping experience and not get you your desired product. Some of the things to keep in mind before you go to a dispensary are:

  • Your ID card

Perhaps the most important thing to bring along with you when you go Cannabis shopping is your ID card. Every dispensary requires a form of identification and without the ID, you would be making the entire trip for nothing.

  • Get your questions ready

If you are a new user, you are sure to have some questions or concerns about the cannabis product. There is no better person to answer those questions than Our Dacanna, Hamilton Weed Dispensary . Since they spend all day with these different types of Cannabis, they are well versed in details about them. So ask away. You can also bring along a cannabis journal if you have one and they will be sure to solve any queries.

  • Don’t rush it

In some cases, there might be a wait to get into the store and most first-timers might have to fill in an intake form when they first arrive at a dispensary. All this can take some time so it is best to keep yourself mentally prepared.

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Get accessories to match

Some of the cannabis products don’t require any accessories and can be consumed on their own. However, the other products may require some additional accessories that you may need to purchase as well. So, do your research beforehand and know which accessory you will need to accompany each form of cannabis. The dispensary staff can also guide you during this process.

There are 2 main points to consider:

  • The flower needs to be smoked, thus it will require an accessory such as a bong, paper, vape, or a pipe depending on your preference.
  • Capsules, oils, and sprays on the other hand are manufactured in a way so that they don’t require any additional accessories and can be consumed on their own.

Enjoy the experience

There is no hurry when you walk into a cannabis store. As a first-time user, you should walk around and get a feel for the place. Instead of getting overwhelmed, try and immerse yourself in the products and play around with different types. The shopping experience is meant to be enjoyable, so calm down and take your time. You will feel much better about your purchase when you know all the information about it. Some tips to keep in mind while shopping are:

  • No need to be shy

There is no need to be hesitant when shopping for cannabis. If something piques your interest or you find yourself drawn to something you can always ask the staff to help you out with it. They will be happy to assist in finding something special for you. It is also okay to walk away empty-handed. If you don’t feel comfortable making a purchase it is completely okay to come back another day.

  • Stay informed

With cannabis, there is no such thing as a stupid question. You can always ask around for more information about a product or clarify any questions that you might have pertaining to it.


  • Invest in a cannabis journal

A cannabis journal can be extremely helpful for some users. It helps them keep track of different varieties, types, and their experiences with them. This helps them decide a lot quicker since they already know what they want.

In conclusion, these are just some of the tips to keep in mind when you first go to a cannabis dispensary. This guide can help you be prepared for the shopping experience so you can make the most well-informed decision.