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Different Types Of Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plant is not like any regular plant that you may grow. Most importantly the plant has a negative reputation that has been built around it. Although there are recreational purposes for the plant, there are also many other benefits such as medicinal and industrial usage. 

Cannabis is also not an easy plant to grow, there are many challenges that may come your way from the perfect environment to the tools and accessories needed to cultivate the best plant. Combining it all can be costly and requires immense tending and nurturing. There are many types of cannabis plants that can be grown and having information about them is essential to ensure a high-quality plant.

Types of the cannabis plant

There are 3 types of cannabis plants that can be grown. These are:

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Ruderalis
cannabis sativa

Cannabis Sativa

This type of cannabis plant has long finger-like pointy leaves. They have the ability to grow extremely tall as much as 20ft and because of its long flowering period, this type of cannabis has a higher yield. One factor that makes this breed of plant distinct is its high THC content. THC is responsible for the psychoactive properties of the plant and it was this potency of the plant which made it extremely sought after.

The effect of Sativa is different on each person however the user feels a general euphoric high, an energizing and uplifting feeling, increased happiness, creativity, improved focus, amplified senses etc.

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Cannabis Indica

The cannabis Indica leaves are broader almost like a fan and are easily distinguished from the Sativa variety. They are also shorter at about 3 to 9ft and thus can be cultivated indoors. Cannabis indica is found in the subtropical region which has more light, therefore it starts flowering much easier. This allows commercial farmers to produce more plants and earn more.

The plant has a high amount of THC as well much like the Sativa variety but it also has a higher amount of CBD oil. This oil is extremely useful for medicines and has many great properties without any of the psychoactive ingredients. Some effects you may feel from Cannabis indica use are body relaxation, stress relief, soothing and reduced inflammation, increased dopamine production etc.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is the shortest variety of cannabis at about 1 to 2ft which is bushy with broad leaves.  In comparison with the other 2 varieties, ruderalis has the lowest amount of THC and CBD which makes it less valuable for recreational and medical uses. However, one reason the ruderalis still remains its value is that it is used to create hybrids. Hybrids are new plants that contain traits of 2 plants bred together.

Genders of cannabis plants

There are 3 genders of cannabis plants, male, female and hermaphrodite. Each gender has its own usefulness and differences and there are different ways to cultivate them.

Male plants

For cultivating cannabis for use, male plants don’t offer much. Most growers choose to discard the plant immediately as to not fertilize the neighbouring female plants as well. Doing so will cause the female plant to fertilize and produce seeds instead of the flower that growers are looking for. However, the male plants are useful when the goal is to multiply the plants using more seeds.

You can identify a male plant in the relatively early stages of growth, around the 2-week mark after it has started the flowering phase. The pre-flower of the male plant is more rounded and like a small ball as compared to the female plant.

Female plant

The female cannabis plant is what all cannabis growers strive for. It is the main plant that produces buds and seeds for cannabis use.

As for the female plant’s appearance, its genitals show up much later in the flowering stage than the male counterpart. The pistil grows white wispy hair where the stalk meets the stem.

Hermaphrodite plant

Hermaphrodite plants are cannabis plants that have both male and female parts. Many plants turn into hermaphrodite plants due to environmental changes and the survival instinct or it can be due to genetic factors. This type of plant is not generally useful due to its low THC content. However, these plants work great as seed banks. They can be used to further create more feminized seeds of the cannabis plant.

Types of cannabis seeds

Seeds are the first step a grower inspects when cultivating cannabis for commercial use. They want the best quality seeds to ensure the best yield. Although it is impossible to determine the gender of the plant through the seeds, growers can visually examine the seeds to find the best one. These cannabis seeds are generally available in 3 types.

Regular seeds

These are the most common type of seeds. An average pack contains an even split between the male and female seeds. However, there is no guarantee and there is a possibility that you end up with all-male seeds. Nevertheless, since these seeds are the least expensive, it is not a huge loss.

Female seeds

These seeds are a bit more expensive than the regular seed pack however there is a guarantee that all seeds will be female plants. It is perhaps the best option for any grower who is looking to cultivate cannabis plants. However, there is a limitation to these seeds as not all strains of cannabis have feminized seed packs available.

Auto-flowering seeds

Cannabis plants need light to start their flowering stage. This becomes difficult in the colder months as the days are shorter. So growers might need to trigger the flowering phase or plant at the best time of year.

Auto-flowering seeds eliminate this problem. These seeds do not rely on the light cycle to trigger flowering and instead, they start to flower based on their timing. With these seeds, the growers don’t have to worry about the perfect timing and they can grow the plants any time of the year.

In conclusion,  there is a lot to learn about the cannabis plant before you start cultivating. There are many types of strains each having its own benefits and uses. Other than the strains the plants also have different genders that the grower will need to determine and manage. There are ways to go around gender determination by purchasing feminized seeds or auto-flowering seeds if the grower wants to produce cannabis all year round.

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