COVID-19 is imposing a toll on our society, but Hamilton Dispensary state that there are ways you can enjoy cannabis responsibly while it lasts.

Don’t share joints, vapes, pipes or bongs

You might be spreading more than you realize. COVID-19 may be spread through respiratory droplets released when you speak, cough, or sneeze as well as on shared goods such as forks and glasses or joints, vapes, pipes, and bongs. You can acquire the infection by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces in a variety of settings.

Hamilton Weed Delivery recommend to take precautions to prevent contamination of these items by using a fresh one for each person, washing your hands, and cleaning surfaces thoroughly before use.

Wash your hands before rolling or handling vapes, pipes and bongs

For at least 20 seconds, wash your hands with soap and water. When soap and water aren’t available, Hamilton weed dispensary advise to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead.

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If you’re sick, skip the smoke

COVID-19 has been linked to nasal, throat, and lung infections. Because smoking cannabis can have a detrimental impact on your respiratory health over time, Hamilton marijuana dispensary believe that it’s probably best if you take a break from smoking or vaping until you’re feeling better.

Use government resources to stay up to date

Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton recommend to Use approved resources such as Ontario Ministry of Health to get the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

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